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I have the Adventurer and have using it without many issues for years. Music works fine and on my workout tonight, set everything up as usual and received the message "I'm Ready" as always, however the gps did not connect. The timer worked and I could see my workout time, but no gps and no stats related to the workout other than time. I've connected the watch to my laptop, but there doesn't seem to be an update available, I'm running software version 1.7.64. Any known issues or suggestions how to get the gps to connect? Thanks.


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    That is the only firmware available. Try a factory rest and if that does not fix it, it may be a bad GPS chip (or a one-time glitch). If it continues to fail it is time for a new watch. TT Sports has been out of business for over 2.5 years and there are plenty of brands out there with better feature sets for less money these days.
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    Thanks for your reply. Looks like TT is still selling watches; if they're out of biz, I guess they're not supporting any of their products. I've liked the watch, has performed well for 6 years, but all good things come to an end.