Trying to find out if, and where a second mount for my Go Premium can be obtained

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Hi, I am trying to find out if, and where I can buy a second mount for my Go Premium.

I intend to permanently fix one mount PLUS USB CABLE in my car, and - somehow like I did with my previous Go 1005- use the Go Premium using a second USB cable at home with my computer. For the previous one this worked very well. The Premium however does not have a direct connection to the cable, but has proprietary contacts at the rear of the docking instead.
So ( trying to prevent a makeshift DIY solution) I am looking for a second docking mount.... I

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    ... partly solved: no additional docking mount required..
    (Had overlooked the micro-USB socket on the rear of the Go Premium)...
    just buy a second USB-to-micro-USB cable, to use with the PC (or charger) at home. Connect it to the micro-USB socket, located on the right hand side of the docking contact points on the rear of the Go Premium....
    Now the originally supplied cable can stay connected to the fixed mount in the car....

    Still the question remains: how to obtain a replacement docking mount in case of
    loss or damage.?
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    Hi YamFazMan, thanks for the link.
    I had visited that place already before I visited this forum.
    The reason I visited the forum was, that nowhere (also 'your' page) actual technical information concerning the Go Premium for a compatible mount or cabling can be found:
    The page however does not mention the Go Premium in the list of " compatible Products ".
    Not trusting to buy it straightaway, I tried to use the " contact " and " start Chat" links on the shopping page for clarification
    { maybe a hint to update the section " compatible Products ".on that webpage ?) .
    Result of trying the contact links:: no contact or chat possible, every time being
    re-routed back to the " ask for help page ".

    Had a good look at the photo on the page you gave me, am sure the plug is the micro-USB-B.
    This information is not available in the Go Premium User Manual, only a
    vague warning " other USB cables may not work ".
    Another hint and question towards the User manual writers: ..." please add proper technical details concerning the in-and output connectors of your products "

    Having no need for an additional mount and charger in the offered package,
    I will take the risk and buy an additional standard USB 2.0 to micro-USB-B cable
    for charging and updating my Go Premium at home.

    The original cable and mount can remain fixed in the car.

    Hoping this information also may find its way to the web-maintainers,
    and the user manual writers..
    With kind regards, pavo49