The fineprint.

I currently don't own a device but I'm in the market of buying one.
TL;DR What is lifetime, and with a sim card in the device, where does it work?

I have two concrete question where the answer isn't obvious.
1: what is lifetime Traffic, maps and speed cameras. In the fine print I found on the Go Essential lifetime was basically defined as long as tomtom issues new maps etc. This is kind of wage since that could mean from never to eternity.
Next question, I was also looking for a GO premium. This gps device has a sim card to get traffic info but in the fineprint it says. That it only works in the countries you purchased it from. What does that mean? I consider buying it in Austria, will it then work in germany? Germany is not in the country I bought it from. Is it EU you mean, but what about UK then? or is it region? if it is why isn't it written "region" then?


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    Lifetime means a long, long time! A device with sim card bought in Australia don't have trafic in Europe!
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    @MikeKay1978 "Lifetime" in this case means as long as the device is supported. It's not YOUR lifetime, but rather the lifetime of the device. At some point a determination is made that a device is limited enough in function that it won't run efficiently with ever larger maps, or won't work in certain regions because of changing standards. But devices are supported for many years, and in some cases TomTom has continued to supply maps (but not some services) well past the date devices were considered to be obsolete.

    So don't expect you buy a device and use it for 50 years. But many years (5?), yes!

    As far as where services are available: Yes, if you buy in Austria, it will work in the rest of Germany. And, indeed, in most of the EU. The "area of purchase" is pretty broad. So if you buy in the EU, services pretty much work in the EU. If you buy in United States it works in North America, etc.

    And note, while services such as traffic won't work out of your broad area, you still can load any available maps. So you can take your unit to the States and use it there, you just won't receive traffic alerts.