Data Transfer from GO600 to GO Premium

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Would I be able to transfer all my places/addresses data from my GO600 to a GO Premium 6, and if I could, how please.

To add. I have not yet purchased the GO Premium.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @marchend

    If you go onto the My Drive website and log into your account then you should see all your Favourite (My Places) and any 3rd Party POI files and Route files you have added to your account. You will not see any routes you have created on the GO600 and saved there as they do not sync back to your account. Regarding these routes if you have a map on your internal memory of the GO600 then insert a small Micro SD card and save the routes to it and then import them into your account on the PC. then they will sync.

    When you get the Premium then do the following.

    Always have a minimum of 2 maps on the unit so that when you update your maps, which you should do one at a time, if you have a problem and lose the map concerned then you have a valid map on the unit to enable you to operate it normally and sort the issue out.

    When you set the unit up input the same account as you use for the GO600, you can have up to about 10 units on the account at the same time. When the Premium is ready and logs into your account it will sync all the data there and so the 2 units will be the same.

    There is one word of warning. =)=). If you send your other half out with the GO 600 and you are at home and create a map in My Drive and send it to your unit thinking it will go to your Premium then remember it will also go to your GO600. So the good lady could be on her way to Sainsburys and you change the GO600 to direct her to Coventry. B)B). The same will apply if you go out with your Premium and set a route to somewhere it will change the Routing on the GO600 and vice versa. The solution to this is to only be logged into My Cloud on your devices when you want to sync the data that way the 2 units will operate independently. At any time you can log them both into My Cloud and sync the data on them so they are the same.

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    I like the last bit Doug about sending her to Sainsbury. I was thinking more along the lines of John o' Groats :)

    I'll study your post more if and when I buy the product. But thanks anyway.