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Tom Tom R-Link update

Bojan24Bojan24 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
Hi, I have a problem with updating my navigation. I've tried to follow your instruction video: When I insert the SD card in my laptop, the Tom Tom home application in the bottom right corner still says "no device connected". I can see the SD card when I click on My Computer. Could you please give me a hand to solve this issue? Thanks!


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,654 Moderator
    Hi @Bojan24

    Welcome to the community!
    The support for the R-Link models is provided by the car dealer. See FAQ-

    They should be able to help you with support related queries.

  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    If the above helps you I shall be most surprised.

    You need the R-Link Store
  • Bojan24Bojan24 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thank you for your help guys! I tried to update my maps using R-Link store. Also I installed Tool box. When I click on manage my products it says "failure to load products to update". I tried to follow your instruction video step by step but doesn't work. My maps are not accurate. If you have any advice how to update maps I would appreciate that. b9fiuc0iwx59.png
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    edited June 2020
    Have you connected your SD card to the computer? It should show more than this. In MY APPS AND SERVICES. This is the first page of mine - it runs to more pages, where it lists my map etc. Also there is a header for MAPS where you can buy new maps - you update maps by BUYING a newer map.

  • Troubadix12Troubadix12 Posts: 1,989 [Revered Voyager]
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    Hi Bojan24,

    I have the same issue. I have a Case open at Renault-France. They know the Problem and work on a solution (but not fast). But do not expect to much. Renault offer as Update the 10.15-Version of the Map. It is one Map after the 10.11, which is actually delivered by Renault Tollbox. TomTom-Maps are at Version 10.50. The Version 10.15 is from 2018 too.

    I now use Googlemaps with AndroidAuto, because my RLink more and more drive through streetless areas, because of the outdated Maps :angry:


  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    edited June 2020
    As an indication of Renault support services, in April 2019 I paid £105 for a three year subscription to map updates which they advertised as "Up to 12 new maps". I have only received one new map. When I challenged them over this, they replied that it says UP TO 12 and that doesn't mean I will get 12 new maps, only that I will get no more than 12.

    The figure of 12 is calculated by the fact that TomTom issue new maps every three months. What they don't tell you is that the TomTom maps won't work on Renault R-Link, that they have to be converted to work on R-Link. I don't know who does the conversion, but it is not done for every new map - why? I guess that either Renault do it in-house and are so incompetent they can't do it on time, or it is done outside and either the outsiders similarly incompetent, or more likely, Renault are not willing to pay for it to be done so often.

    The end result is that TomTom tell the world that they provide mapping for Renault (and other car manufacturers), so everybody thinks how wonderful they are. Renault tell the world that they use TomTom navigation in their cars, so everybody thinks how wonderful they are, and like me, pay £800 extra for the R-Link to be fitted to their new cars. And all of us using the cars discover that the end result is out of date maps and nobody to get support from - TomTom say support is from Renault and Renault don't say anything, simply because contacting them and getting action is equivalent to embarking on an antarctic expedition.
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