deleting TT-cam softwarefile by accident

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Hello everyone.
I did make the following stupid mistake :anguished: I did want to delete some videos from the bandit batterystick which I had put into my desktop. As usual I did delete one video at the time but now it took me too long so I clicked on the left side of the desktopscreen on 'TT-cam' and next on 'delete.'
I was thinking all the videos were deleting at the same time.
No way. Now I can only play the video but no editing into pics etc. I get errorcode 0x80070057. Who can help me out with this issue ?


  • lampard
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    Hi there @Broemies

    The error code above can be related to SD card corruption, I would advise you to insert the battstick into the camera and format it by going into Settings> General > Storage> Format SD > Yes.

    See if this helps you to resolve the error.

    Regards, lampard
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    Thank you for your response lampard. Because of my physical inconvenience it took some time for my response. So I did insert the stick (with SD-card)into the camera but what next ? The display of the camera doesn't show a link for settings. Do I need some connecting wire between camera and desktop ?