Thrilling routes should avoid urban areas and housing estates

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Yes I know there are other threads with this subject but they are not being addressed by TomTom.
I use MyDrive to plan my thrilling motorcycle routes through Europe. But I dont think riding through busy urban areas is very thrilling unless you count the dangers involved with riding through a city center as thrilling, Also to be guided through a suburban housing estate as part of a thrilling route from A to B is very annoying for me and for the residents of said housing estate.
The maps show urban and suburban areas in a different colour so it must be possible for the route planning software to recognise these areas but the opposite seems to be happening and I am often sent through very slow very boring and utterly unthrilling roads. Are you already working on this TomTom? I and many others would welcome this if you are.


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    I suppose in the ideal world, the Thrill route planned route stored on the device should be divided into sub sections, Urban/Town/Cities and Open Countryside

    The device should know when you enter a urban/town/city area and switch from a winding route to fastest route, then as you leave the built-up area the device would switch back to your chosen level winding route

    The route algorithm for a winding/thrill route, by definition must be totally different to a town/city fastest route, different enough to effect thrill factor of the ride... Especially after you have missed a turning in a Urban,Town or City part of the route
    The route re-calculations on the fly and the Slalom type route the 'Thrill option' generates in Urban/Town/Cities can be real PITA....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hey YFM,

    sorry for the delay :) . I had hoped that TomTom would be really happy to take my question on and improve the algorithm by looking for ring roads for instance, But they chose in their infinite wisdom to ignore it.

    I wonder if Garmin has a better solution?? B)