Navigation no longer starts on my Samsung A71

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I install TomTom CPS navigation - Live Traffic.
Follow all steps and install map Western Europe.
Once downloaded, click Next and the app will close.
every time I want to open the app, it closes immediately.
Have already uninstalled and reinstalled an app 3 times. Problem persists.
Can you help.

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  • lampard
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    Hi @KoentjeVen

    Welcome to the Community! Just to be sure, is this GO mobile App or the new Go Navigation app? I know you already tried the reinstallation but try the steps to make a clean uninstall and let us know how it goes?
    • Go to the Settings of the Phone> Go to Appplications> Find the app in the list and tap on it.> Click ‘Force Quit/Force Stop’.
    • In the ‘Storage’ section, tap first ‘Clear Cache’ and then tap ‘Clear Data> tap on ‘Uninstall’.
    • Log out of the Playstore.
    • Delete the following folders from the internal memory
    • Delete the same folders from the SD-card if there's any.
    • Open the Playstore login and reinstall the app on the internal memory (Not on SD Card).
    • Once done please close all the apps which are running in the background reboot the phone.
    • Reopen the TomTom app and test.

    Regards, lampard