Fall Out of Enforced Change of Email Address

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I've been going through the nightmare of an enforced email address change. Someone want their "demon." bit back so all changed. Finally got round to using my Rider 550 and it needed the registration email changed to continue to sync properly.

Kin nightmare.

NO option found to change my email address, only a full reset. WHAT!

Lost everything. Yeah, I know all the routes n-stuff get restored from the account once registered again but the headset and my moby don't. Just spent far too long having to re-pair everything and I've hit the "No Traffic Data" connection problem.

After a load of research here I found I might have to disable WiFi to force it to use the Bluetooth connection but this has taken me far too long to find out. Along the way I find people had these problems way back in 2018. HOPELESS.

The other point here was, and please someone conform this, I might also need the Bluetooth Hotspot on for traffic to work. I can certainly confirm that the code scan process doesn't do this or prompt for it. I seem to recall from when I first struggled with my new Rider having Bluetooth Hotspot on was required. May have seen this associated with my other new TT.

Why can't the TomTom developers put themselves in the position of their customers and make these things a whole lot easier? Why, if there is a mobile data connection to a smart phone can't they use it and confirm the Rider (or other product) will work at home or in the office away from WiFi BEFORE we get out on the road WITHOUT having to turn bits off to find out. HOPELESS!

A side issue here is that if someone steals your Rider 550, its actually quite easy given the standard bike mount and while you're sat there waiting in traffic, is it a simple matter of a RESET before someone else owns your rider?

My Question: Have I missed a trick and I can change the registration email address without a RESET?

These things are so smart but OH SO CLUNKY. Yep. Still missing my Rider 2. Loved the thing