My drive connect will not update and keeps going to busy server error

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I have been trying to update my TomTom Start 25 but My Drive keeps going to busy server error when trying to download the updates. It will start up and register the device as it should and I will tell it to update but after a while of showing it downloading it will just go to the busy server page. I've tried it several times and just keep getting the same result every time.
Any ideas on how to fix it?


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    Welcome to the site....
    If I have a problem with myDrive Connect...I find deleting the "HOME3" and the "MyDrive Connect" folders in the MyDrive Connect Program gives MyDrive Connect a CPR and brings to bring it back to life...

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    Thanks @YamFazMan
    I'm on a Mac but have found the two folders you mentioned (Home3 and MyDriveConnect) and deleted them. Hurrah.. that's done the trick after a couple of frustrating weeks I've updated it successfully.
    Many thanks for the advice.

    On a Mac....
    The "HOME3" and the "MyDrive Connect" folders are located here...
    MacOS: Users\Username\Library\Application Support\TomTom\

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi YamFazMan
    Just tried the method you suggested but it still won't load. First attempt made it show 100% on downloading instantly and was permanently checking (left for an hour, no change). Tried again and now it's stuck on 'getting ready'.
    Also when I tried to delete the files it wouldn't delete all of them saying My Drive was running when it wasn't.
    Any other ideas on how to fix it?
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    You cannot delete File from within a Program, when the Program is already running...
    You MUST quit MyDrive Connect EVERY time you want to delete the Home3 and MyDriveConnect folders...
    As in the previous linked post... If MyDrive Connect auto 'Starts when your Computer starts' (Default)... Then 'Right Click 'on the MyDrive Connect Icon on the PC Taskbar and Click 'Quit' MyDrive Connect....


    You could use 'Task Manager' to Quit MyDrive Connect
    On the keyboard press Ctrl + Alt + Delete
    Select 'Task Manager'

    (1)...Right Click on Tomtom MyDrive Connect --> Select 'End Task'
    (2)... To open the ‘Run Box’ on the PC
    Press the 'Windows button' + 'R' Key
    (3)... The Run Box opens... Type into the ‘run’ box.... %localappdata%/TomTom
    (4)… Press Enter
    (5)... A new window opens
    (6)... Delete both the Home3 and the MyDrive Connect folders; they are the most likely to be corrupted
    (7)… Close all windows
    (8)... Turn on the SatNav and reconnect it to the PC
    (9)... Open/Run ‘My Drive Connect...

    A small Menu Window opens with 3 menu options....
    Option (2) Needs to selected for MyDrive Connect to work correctly....

    The 1st & 3rd options are optional (I always deselect both options and set up a Desktop Short-cut to Start MyDrive Connect, I don't want MDC running all of the time on my PC)

    (10)... Click OK
    (11)... Login to MyDrive Connect as if was a fresh install...
    Hopefully all should now be well

    Note... You may want to create a Desktop Short-cut to the access the Home3 and the MyDrive Connect folders
    If you have installed MyDrive Connect to the default location using Windows 10
    The full short-cut path Is here...
    C:\Users\"Your Computers Name goes here" \AppData\Local\TomTom

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM