Speed limit difference after update for 2019.Q4 version

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I have purchased a full Europe map with 1 year subscription via naviextras and as I downloaded and installed through naviextras toolkit after I checked my device that does not seem to be updated because those roads where before updated shown wrong speed limits after update shows the same wrong too. I have an in built sat nav (in touch by navco international) is fitted in a Suzuki Swift 1.2 from 2015. I bought my car in the same year. I have contacted navco but they are not providing maps for the device and also Suzuki Chapelhouse Wigan,UK is not able to help me with it. Another problem is that my sat nav installed with IGO Primo sat nav software and the map menu where shows beside the countries TomTom. So, I did everything as was instructed by user manual and after all is not right anything. I paid £106 for this software and now I feel that I did not get anything for it. Could anyone please advice me what to do?