Go Live 1005. Live Services renewal

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The Live Services on one of my Go Live 1005 units expires in 21 days and I want to renew it.

I went to the usual update web site https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/sat-nav/maps-services/. I can select the one year update (the 6 month and 1.5 years options no longer show) but when it comes to selecting which of my units it is for - both say not compatible.

There is a link for help but that just gives the phone number of the currently closed customer services. I can see no chat or email route to contact them.

I'm quite happy with my 1005s so don't want to replace them (the Live Services on my other 1005 doesn't expire until 2022).

Any advice on renewing if I can't contact customer services please?