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No voice information, No 3 d Maps, No Voice control...TT 550 is it worth the money ?????????

denbo1400denbo1400 Posts: 14 [Apprentice Seeker]
having purchased my TT 550 I'm getting more and more disappointed, my 500 go had 3d maps, Voice control and spoken warnings, this TT 550 has no 3d maps, No voice control, and now as Im a biker hence why I got the TT550 for my car and bike Ive tried to set warnings, like speed cams, and Avg speed zone etc to speech and it says, This Voice setting set cannot do this, i have tried all the voices in unit and none will do this ..For the price of this TT550 over my 500go its becoming a bit what have I done what have I paid all that money for ..can anyone advise on maybe something Im doing wrong ?? Thanks in advance


  • Rob_RRob_R Posts: 53 [Supreme Trailblazer]
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    Hi @denbo1400

    I have a Rider 550 and I can set the Warning type to "Read aloud" so long as I have a "Computer voice" rather than a "Recorded voice" selected. For me (UK) this means I have to select Serena.
  • denbo1400denbo1400 Posts: 14 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks Rob...Its not the best is it !! as I say last 500go did all any like Jane or what ever... its like they have cut corners ..and charge a lot
  • Rob_RRob_R Posts: 53 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    I guess I'm I'm only using it mainly on a motorcycle so the voice control bit doesn't really matter to me. I use it with a Cardo Packtalk Bold headset which also connects to my mobile and has inbuilt voice control so all I need from the GPS is the Nav instructions and warnings. Everything else (media, telephone calls) I do with my headset/phone using the voice control built into the headset.

    The only other thing I occasionally use is the reading of messages such as email, SMS and WhatsApp which the 550 does for me. Also it's waterproof which is a fairly essential requirement.

    So I guess I don't miss what I never had and, in my case, don't actually need.
  • denbo1400denbo1400 Posts: 14 [Apprentice Seeker]
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    Hi Rob thanks for info...Im using the Scala Q3 ..gets a bit confusing the way you connect there are 2 ways in 550 instruction..connect phone first or nav first one can make calls while no travel info, the other vis versa... very very strange
  • Rob_RRob_R Posts: 53 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Hi @denbo1400

    I used the instructions that came with the TomTom as a guide, especially as the headset they show in the TomTom Manual is actually a Packtalk :) which kind of hints that they tested it. So I pair headset channel 1 to phone, Pair TomTom to phone then pair TomTom to headset channel 2.

    One thing I have found for my headset, which I believe to be a headset issue, is that If I am listening to music from my phone, then I don't get NAV instructions unless I disable the high quality (A2DP) audio profile found under the headset pairing on the TomTom. When I do that, then the NAV instructions interrupt/mute the music. The only downside is that the quality is notably poorer but still understandable. To be honest though, If I'm taking NAV instructions, I tend to turn music off as it constantly gets interrupted, so I use the A2DP profile anyway and turn the music off. If however I'm not following a specific route, I switch A2DP off on the TomTom so that I can listen to music but still get speed camera warnings which I have set to tone rather than announcements.

    You may find that doing this might sort out your problem as well because I think it's to do with how the headset prioritises things if it has two A2DP sources trying to communicate with it.

    It does get rather complicated when you have all these devices, from different manufacturers interacting with each other. Must be a development nightmare. I've worked in IT all my life so I have some sympathy!
  • denbo1400denbo1400 Posts: 14 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks for help bud
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