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I am a runner. Not very fast, but I run. Let's say I'm in the front line of my weight category… After my runs, I was used to share the track details and use them with one my photos as a background. However, since a couple of days my iPhone does not have permission to use my photostream. Normally, one can adjust that in the settings. But Tom Tom Sports is not listed as an app that can be given permission to use the photostream. How can I fix that? I can give Tom Tom Sports access to bluetooth, to Siri en Search options, to refresh on the background and to mobile data. But I cannot check "Photos" for Tom Tom Sports anymore. Help!


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    I think this functionality went away as the devices are obsolete. TT Sports went out of business over 2,5 years ago and was likely paying licensing fees to Apple to be able to do this and at some point they have to phase it out.