iPhone SE 2020 battery usage

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I switched from previous iPhone SE to iPhone SE 2020 and the battery usage of TomTom go has increased tremendously. The SE 2020 also gets really hot. The previous iPhone SE didn’t do this at all...
A one hour drive will drain the battery by 50% - it seems processor load is much higher on this phone (or is it the newer version?)
Any hints/help/ideas?


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    Hi @Roller2

    I have the older SE so interested. My unit does get warm, it is in a heavy duty case, and I never run it off power as otherwise I can watch it slowly drain the battery.
    I have just checked and starting with a battery level of 55%, new battery last October, a route set and Lets Go Tapped the battery level is dropping 1% every minute or so for the first 5 minutes then it takes a little longer. This is without me moving just running the App on the phone but not left on the journey yet..

    I use min e in conjunction with CarPlay and find it very good but the above test was just using the phone.