Uppdate Navcore?

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When I go to updates it tells me that I must update the NAVCORE before I can update.
But I cannot find anywhere to update!


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    Hi @erny123

    Welcome to the community!
    Just reviewed the logs in the backend and it seems like you have the latest map and the firmware(Navcore v18.203) already installed.

    Could you try a recovery mode as advised in the video below-


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    I have a Start 25, and wish to install European Maps I have just purchased. However My connect tells me to Install Navcore first and tom tom updates just refers me to an information page . How or where do I find Navcore - this is so frustrating.

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    Welcome to the site...

    Installing MyDrive Connect....
    Here... https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360013959499-Installing-MyDrive-Connect

    With MyDrive Connect running and your Start 25 connected
    Click on MyContent...

    A new window opens (Note... My NavCore and QuickFixGPS Applications are up to date so no update is offered)
    At the top of the list of updates You will find one or more updates forced ticked by Tomtom... These are Mandatory Updates you can't deselect them...
    The NavCore Application and QuickFixGPS updates are force ticked by Tomtom...
    Deselect any other updates like Maps, Speed Cams etc... Update the mandatory item/s first, when the Mandatory Updates complete
    Update the remaining items one at a time....

    Tomtom Video

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM