Did I make a mistake?

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Just bought a RIDER 550.
Yikes....... I should have checked the forums first before plopping my cash down on the barrel head for this.

Both bluetooth and Wifi suck on this thing.
The maps and the GPS work fine.
But for a mobile device, having to load updates and such via a USB cable to my desktop is laughable.

I installed "Mydrive" on my phone. I paired the Rider 550 with my phone.
The phone says that the TomTom Rider 550 is currently paired with the phone.
The TomTom says that there is no Bluetooth connection available.

Specifically my phone says:
Bluetooth -> One device connected-> TomTom RIDER 550
Use for -> text input (while the TomTom is connected I cannot use the popup keyboard on my phone, so I know the connection is there).

At the same time the TomTom says:
Bluetooth -> disconnected.
Paired devices -> Bobbie's Note Ten

I know that the TomTom is connected as I can't use the pop-up keyboard on my phone unless I first turn off the Bluetooth on my phone thus disconnecting the TomTom.

I know the bluetooth on my phone works correctly as my Bose speaker, my external keyboards, and my Bose headphones all instantly connect and stay connected.

I reset the TomTom, no noticeable changes.

Wifi sucks just as bad as the Bluetooth.
I'm using the 2.4GHz band of my router. The 5GHz radio is turned off.
I get the MAC address of the TomTom by holding down the power button during startup..
The WiFi MAC address of me TomTom shows up as E4:04:39:xx:xx:xx

I go through the regular procedure of adding a device to my router.
I look for my network on the TomTom.
I select the network from the list.
I enter the network password.
The TomTom says "connecting", then it says "obtaining IP address", then it says "connecting" again.
It repeats this nonsense a few time and then my network is moved to the list of "out of range" networks.

Even when the TomTom says it can't see my network, my router shows that the TomTom is connected and it shows the device's MAC address, which matches the MAC address obtained by shutting the TomTom off and then turning the unit back on while holding down the power button until after the drum sounds have played.

I've cleared my network off the TomTom and have used the WPS setup method.
My router shows that the TomTom is connected.
The TomTom continues to show the twirling circle while it waits to connect.

I've used the "reset" function. Nothing really changes.

Specifics of my TomTom:
TomTom(TM)(c) TomTom 2016
Hardware name -> stelvio_4in
Device id -> KG3319I00031
Total Memory -> 431 MB
Available memory -> 310 MB
OS version -> 3.10.49-g4188716-00860-gdd5d71
Build version -> a630a2cf4664695fbb0d0d7b3e3642
IsOnlineCapable -> 1
GPRS Integrated -> 0
Wi-Fi MAC Address -> E4:04:39:xx:xx:xx
Bluetooth MAC address -> E4:04:39:xx:xx:xx
TFT type -> zd043na03f_hgva_video
GPS type -> WGR7640
Internal Flash Size -> 14910 MB
SD Card Capacity -> 61056 MB
Battery charge level -> 94% (4022 mV)
RTC Sat Nov 7 18:08:27 1970

Outside of the Wifi and Bluetooth issues, why do the Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces have the exact same MAC addressed?
Why doesn't the RTC show the current time?


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    I've replied to your other post....
    Here... https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/comment/1708545/#Comment_1708545

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi @Bobbie_0001

    I have to say something doesn't sound quite right.

    I have a Rider 550 and whilst, as I previously stated, I've found the Wifi can go a bit cranky from time to time, a full restart always sorts me out and generally I have no issue with WiFi or Bluetooth for that matter. Currently I'm sitting upstairs and my Router is downstairs and it connects just fine.

    When I hold down the power-on button to get the info screen I pretty much get a similar set of info to you however I DO get a full MAC address for both my WiFi and Bluetooth i.e. I get the full set of six, 2-digit, colon separated pairs, not just the first three and then xx's. Also they are different albeit by one digit in the last (right hand) pair so that's different to what you appear to get.

    As for RTC, whilst I don't get quite the same date as you, I do get one from 1970 and I wouldn't be overly concerned at that. It could be that the RTC gets set to a default at power-up and then get's corrected once the unit picks up the satellite signals which it may not do when you just load the status page. Either way what you have is consistent with what I have as far as RTC is concerned.

    So I'm a bit stumped. It may be that you have been unlucky and have a faulty unit which I know would be a pain. If I were in your shoes however, I think I would try contacting support.

    Sorry I cannot be of more assistance in this case.
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    Hi Rob_R, I get the full MAC address. I'm just used to our network policy at work of not revealing full IP addresses or MAC addresses. Might be a little overkill for a TomTom, but I'm just so used to it at work.
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    OK that makes sense but they should be different - mine are.