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Start 25 screen probs

My Start 25 works fine first thing, but as the day goes on, and the device warms up, I can't program the device. I try to input details, and it either doesn't respond, or i a get a few different characters. Put the device in front of the aircon, and it gets a little better. Don't particularly want to buy a new SatNav, so any help would be great.


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    Hi @SiBorg

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    How is the battery on the device doing? Also, it depends on where the device is placed on a dashboard or the windscreen; if it gets exposed to sunlight continuously then that may impact the performance as well.

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    On the NAV3 Devices like your Start 25,there is 'Battery Overheat Protection' feature
    After the "Overheat Warning" splash screen has displayed....
    The device will STOP charging, in order for the battery to cool down, it also may progressively reduce the volume of the Spoken Instructions to further conserve the battery power....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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