Map route changes when I send to device

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I'm curious, am I doing something wrong? I set the route I want to ride on the MyDrive app. And then I send it to my device, the 550 Rider. But the route on the device ends up different, even though the destination is the same.
What's the point in planning a route if it changes on the device?
Even if insert the parameters the same (hilly, windy road) on both, it is still different.
I'm at a loss because I can't trust my navigation device to take me the way I planned.
Hopefully someone can help.


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    Hi @Pauly21

    May I suggest as a starter for 10, you have a read through this discussion as it may give you some pointers as to why this happens:


    The main point is that you either need to insert some intermediate stops or via points into your route in order to force a specific path (but be aware that MyDrive has a limit of 20 stops when sending to device) or use the "Sync route as a track" feature to send it as a track.

    May I ask however what are you using to plan your routes (MyDrive?) and how are you transferring them to your Rider 550?
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    Welcome to the site....
    There's a thread already open discussing the pros and cons between .ITN Routes v .GPS Tracks

    Stay safe... ATB YFM

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    I'm using the MyDrive app, and then click the "send to device" button. The rider 550 then says "received new route". Looks like I may have to follow your advice and add points to force it the way I want.
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    Hi @Pauly21

    Yes if you want to use a route then you need to add in some stop points but you can get an exact match to what you planned if you sync as a track.

    One thing to check however - under main menu->settings->route planning, what have you got set as the default under "Always plan this type of route"? I ask because regardless of how you plan it in MyDrive, when you use send stops, the resultant route will be set to what ever this default is.

    It took me a while to work this out i.e. I planed a thrill on MyDrive using windy and hilly then sent the stops and ended up with a route set to "fastest"

    You can either switch the sent route by changing the settings for the current route in main menu->current route->change route type or, as I said, change your default and it will automatically use that when you send points.

    You may still need stops to "force" the route but you should end up with something that is much closer to what you originally planned if you ensure the settings are similar
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    Thank you Rob, and thank you everyone for your responses. It confirms that I'm not going crazy and this is a normal thing that happens. To be honest, I wish tomtom would change this... But it is what it is. Thanks again. Appreciate your help.
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    Had a play again today and can confirm some of the above advice.
    If you want to follow a path exactly then sync as a track.....The issue with us users appears to be that if we wander a tiny bit off that track the device will want to take you back to where you left the track which is often impracticable.
    So...if using a track and i have wandered off course i simply cancel current track and reselect it and choose "start from nearest point"......
    Now this sounds a bit messy with all the touches of the screen but if you organise your menu buttons different than stock standard layout its flows pretty easy.....

    While i seem to prefer routes, the beauty of tracks is that it stops the device "thinking" on the run.....

    Anyway, hopes this helps someone... good fun all this 😀😀