A new TomTom rider is expected in 2021?

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Good colleagues know if there will be any new model of TomTom rider new I have the feeling that the TomTom rider are outdated and the competition squeezes with its new browsers better screens and applications to perform routes etc..

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  • rider1rider
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    call or chat with customer care team..
  • big
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    TomTom doesn't seem to launch devices on any particular schedule. There could be one next week or not for 5 years. Your guess is about as good as that of most people here.
  • mrded
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    I have TomTom Rider 450 since it was released, which I have quite a few issues with.

    I would love to replace it with something better. However, Tomtom Rider 550 doesn't seem to be a good option as it's a very little upgrade, and doesn't solve the problems of predecessors.

    Doesn't feel like the company is innovating anyhow.