Radio bar not displayed on navi screen

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Hi all,

a couple of months ago I bought Megane III with Navi system.
The problem is with displaying radio bar on the screen. I do not know what have been done previously.
Seller told me he tried to upload new maps on SD card and after this radio bar disappeared. But I am not sure if it caused the problem.

Car was checked in can clip, but radio settings looks correctly, even where reset to default. It doesn't resolve the issue. There is no settings or any diagnostic mode for navi displayer in can clip.

Radio was replaced by another, but after plugin there was no possibility to enter security code. It looks like there is no connection between radio and navi system. Radio is working, but I can't see what is the station, tempreature, etc.. Navigation works normally, I see menu on the left, I can set up a route etc.

I tried to update SD card via tomtom home but it didn't help.

Does the problem refer to navi system or maybe it is a problem with hardware?

Please advise.


  • mrcmnht
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    worth to mention I have Carminat tomtom
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    You need to do Autoconfig ofr BOTH radio, navi unit and MIU vian Can Clip.