Contacts can't handle addresses with unit numbers.

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If a contact lives in a unit or other type of building that has more than just a street number, TomTom Go just reports that it can't find the address. I can't figure out what annotation to use, and seeing as I'm having it look up contacts I don't want to remove the finer details of someone's address from my contacts entry. It means I have to duplicate my contacts list in to My Places (but with unit / building / apartment / lot numbers etc) removed from the address.

And with business addresses, if there's not an exact match it doesn't offer alternates. I find quite often a businesses postal address is different from what TomTom will accept as the postal street number is different from that listed in navigation systems.

Contacts, even now you can finally search it, seems quite poorly implemented and not thought through that much.


  • lampard
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    HI @JC_AU

    Thank you for the feedback, I'll send this to my product team as an improvement request.

    Best, lampard
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    I have the same problem. If I click on a contact on my iPhone a message appears "Address Not Found" but showing underneath the exact address!
    What can I do to correct this problem?
    Do I have the wrong settings?
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    Hi @starbar42

    It is likely the way you have completed the Contacts address data. make sure you have everything in the right place.

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    Hi @JC_AU

    My son will be moving to Denmark soon, and his new street-address will be something like

    streetname nr1, lejl. nr2
    ("lejl" means "apartment")

    so he lives in apartment nr2 in a block with street-number nr1
    When used in Contacts, TomTom Go reports that it can't find the address.

    After some experimenting I found the following to work:
    streetname nr1/nr2
    In this case TomTom Go sees the address "streetname nr1", which it is able to find.
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    Hi @JC_AU,
    I have same problem with Unit/Apartment numbers in Contacts:
    Eg: My own residential address is written as
    Unit 2, 2 Streetname…etc.
    Google Maps and iPhone Maps have no trouble finding this address, but TomTom Go App only gives address not found!
    Have TomTom Support given you any progress update in the 18 months since you raised this very frustrating issue?

    Hi Doug,
    re “make sure you have everything in the right place” is I think the very root of the problem……what is the right place for ‘Unit/Apartment’ numbers?

    Thanks if anyone can help
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    Hi @paulbord

    The TT Go App is designed to get you to a Street and Number if available, Long/Lat or a Mapcode.

    Using the TT Go App on an IPhone then the only solution to the problem that I can suggest where a Flat No is involved is to do the following.

    In Contacts fill in the address as follows so that you have the full address in your contacts:-
    Flat 3
    34 High Street
    United Kingdom

    Then Tap +Address to add another address
    You can Tap Work or which ever address name is offered and customise it to say TT in Contacts
    Now input the Address as

    High Street
    United Kingdom

    This means you now have the full address in and also an address for TT purposes that directs to the building by street number listed in your Contacts.

    Now when you Tap Search/Contacts you will see however many addresses you have for the contact and you can Tap the Address that TT will recognise to get you to the building. Unfortunately although you may have changed it to say TT in Contacts it will show as Work, School or Other against the persons name when the address is shown in TT Go.

    Should you be using Siri Shortcuts alongside TT Go on the iPhone or In Carplay then you can select the Contacts TT recognised Address when setting it up.

    One alternative if for example there is a specific Parking Area for the Building then I would create a MyPlace for it rather than use Contacts. This My Place can also be selected when set up as a Siri Shortcut in Tomtom.

    In the case of other makes of phones I hope this helps.

  • paulbord
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    Hi @DougLap,

    Thanks for your comprehensive response.

    I agree that your suggestion to load a second address for a Contact in the iPhone Contacts List, this one excluding any flat/unit/appartment etc details, is a good circumvention albeit somewhat inconvenient. Nevertheless I will certainly adopt this approach pending a proper resolution - thanks.

    The ability of TomTom GO app to fully interprete Contact addresses that other major route finding apps handle comfortably, such as Apple & Google, would I suspect be considered by most as a core requirement for a specialised (and purchased) app like TomTom GO.

    I note in an earlier Administrators post in June 2020 that an improvement request had been passed onto the product team - perhaps a timely update on the current status of this request would now be in order?