Twisty Routes - but avoiding town centers

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I love the twisty routes option on my rider, but how can I stop it leading me through town centers instead of using by-passes.

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    I suppose in the ideal world, the Thrill route planned route stored on the device should be divided into subsections, Urban/Town/Cities and Open Countryside

    The device should know when you enter a urban/town/city area and switch from a winding route to the fastest route, then as you leave the built-up area the device would switch back to your chosen level winding route

    The route algorithm for a winding/thrill route, by definition must be totally different to a town/city fastest route, different enough to effect the thrill factor of the ride... Especially after you have missed a turning in a Urban, Town or City part of the route
    The route re-calculations on the fly and the Slalom type route the 'Thrill option' generates in Urban/Town/Cities can be really painful.

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    Thanks for your help.
    I have noticed that the rider worked better for me when i lived in Germany. Since coming back home, i have this frustration with being routed trroiugh city centres despite the twisty routes option.
    Come on TomTom - sort this one out for me.
    Otherwise a wonderfull Navi