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How to get past the "Retry" error message when doing map updates

Since mid 2019, every time I try to do a map update on my Start 25 and Start 42, I get the "Retry" error message and no way to get past it. I spoke to a tech (Canada) in February who walked me through the solution in Settings. I posted it in the forum but now can't find it and am stuck with the same problem. Does anyone happen to have it? Calling the contact number for Canada just gets a voice message now, due to Covid. Regards,


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,950
    Hi @JamesS241

    Is this what you are looking for.

    If you Tap on your Icon top right and go to your Profile if you scroll down to near the bottom you can see what posting you have done.

  • JamesS241JamesS241 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks Doug... I did that but my earlier post seems to be gone now so I’m stuck without the solution. I’ve already tried all the uninstall type stuff and none of it worked. There was a simple solution the tech walked me through over the phone through the Settings tab. I never thought to write it down on paper! It worked instantly which is why I posted it.
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    When you say you tried all the uninstall stuff..did you try using Revo uninstaller?...this is a free program that removes all remnants of an uninstall using a windows uninstall...if you try it remember and click on SCAN after the initial uninstall..then "select all" then delete...this will be a clean uinstall... so you can re download My Drive Connect
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    Hi Tollcross... I followed that instruction (twice just for good measure) and no luck. It just sits there grinding away and eventually the “Retry” pops up. When I had the TomTom tech walk me through some changes to the settings in February, it worked immediately. I was sure I had written the steps down but I can’t find them anywhere. The TomTom staff seem to be off for Covid which is weird since they could do tech stuff from anywhere. Good thing this was just a routine update and I’m not actually traveling anywhere in the near future!

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    Hi all


    A clean reinstall of MyDrive Connect (MDC) is only a temporary solution to the "Busy Server" problem that does not prevent the return of error message.
    And... RevoUnistaller is not a magic solution. Nothing more than a classic Windows uninstall with the removal of downloads in the "popup window" and a PC Restart. The few .regs erased by the Scan function do not change nothing for the problem return.

    The worry is that for our NAV3s with default settings, MDC tries desperately and continuously to connect to the servers in the background after a first connection to the PC of the device. Since the "log in" with email and password is no longer mandatory for our NAV3s. Often the user is not aware of it. This creates broken connections and a collect of errors recorded by the TomTom servers, result ==> "Busy Servers"

    The Settings changes recommended by the TomTom technical service you are talking about should be that, see pictures bellow. But before, you must remove the downloads stored on your PC and the history of busy connections to TomTom servers. For that you have to delete two hidden folders then untick two optional options to avoid the return of the message "Busy Servers" at each use.

    Look at this post, the second part no need to uninstall MDC, it's what I do and it works for me. The most effective way and it's easier to do than to read. Think to use a PC user account with "administrator rights" and Restart (not Sleep or Shut Down) your PC after the changes in MDC to save them in your OS for your next PC Start:

    After, you will see this in your MDC settings, you can connect your TomTom device. Normally the error message should not come back:

    Former screenshots to illustrate the new MDC settings.

    I hope it will work for you.

  • tollcrosstollcross Posts: 24 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Good the past any time I had a problem... "server busy" etc ..I always used Revo hasn't let me down yet...I realise it will not solve every problem..but I think it is worth a try
  • LAURE123LAURE123 Posts: 1,632
    Hi @tollcross

    I have no doubt about your attachment to this third party software.
    It is a program that automates in a simple and visual way functions of your Windows OS, no more no less. It has its qualities but does not work miracles and can even cause problems if misused without previous understanding of its actions. Uninstalling is not the only possible use.

    So no better than a classic uninstall since its first step is the classic Windows uninstall with the creation of a system restore point which replaces the Resart of the PC... The Scan function which corresponds to the search function for the folders and the registry of your Windows OS, does not find a folder to delete for MDC and only a few .reg which do not affect the "Busy servers" problem. And even after using it, there are still remains litte items...

    And most importantly ... uninstall MDC with this third party software or with the Windows OS is only a temporary solution... without changing the MDC settings the problem will come back.

    So no realy interest compared to a method that is simply to delete both folders (= uninstall MDC) and untick both boxes without uninstall MDC.

    Without the need to... ==> download third-party software + install third-party software + use third-party software to uninstall MDC + redownload MDC file + reinstall MDC = for the result the same problem "Busy Servers" at the next use.

    Advice evolves, adapts, changes on a forum over time when a method simpler, easier, more effective and to be done only once is found.
    You can of course do what you want with your own PC and TomTom device. We are on a help forum between users, let others have the right to have another choice, different from yours for another alternative.

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