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USB connector on spark watch worn out


Each time I connect my watch to charge it gradually wears down the conductors. This is my replacement one and that is wearing out too. It's out of warranty.

I was looking at one other similar thread, someone suggested a conductor pen to fix it. Would that work? If I solder some thin layer of metal would that still work?


  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,684
    Have you tried rubbing it clean with an eraser to see if that helps? As to soldering on a thin layer of metal, that is up to you to try. It may help or it may make it totally inoperable. Until it no longer connects at all I would not do it just in case. If you are at the point where it no longer connects at all then you might as well because you would be throwing it out anyway at that point.
  • DylmmerDylmmer Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    Thanks for the reply. Interesting comment about cleaning the connector, did just try this but definitely eroded.

    Good point also about not doing anything until there is nothing to lose. Will hold off for now then.
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