For runners who does 500 miles a year, are you happy with tomato spark cardio, upgrade?

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I have had it for over three years and logged many miles. I love the battery life, low price, simplicity, and metrics like vo2max. I am tempted by Garmin 245 music since it has more running metrics. But I thought those are overkill. I haven't even taken advantage of the various training programs on Tomtom spark yet. By the way, I alternate between peloton and running every other day. Feels great. Age 49 with resting heart rate of 50 and vo2max around 50. Just wondering what would fancier running watches like Garmin would give extra, especially tomtom is end of life. Do you have similar thoughts?


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    TomTom versus Garmin is really not an apples to apples comparison. The feature set for the price offered by Garmin blows TT away (along with everyone else). They have a far deeper feature set, better build quality, better apps, far better battery life and better pricing. And considering TT Sports has been out of business for over 2.5 years and the watches are all discontinued, they are really the only game in town.