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Improvements Requested for Web Mapshare Service

Focus DriverFocus Driver Posts: 35 [Master Explorer]
I had reason to use Mapshare recently (see, and found a few problems (iOS13/Safari, if that matters):
  1. The layer options do not always offer speed cameras, even when zoomed in. This could be because there are no speed cameras within the current window, but nonetheless it is not user-friendly. It would be better to have the option in the layers list regardless of whether there are speed cameras to show.
  2. It would be useful if the speed camera icons show what direction of travel they are set for, to save having to click each one and check its properties.
  3. It needs to be clearer what the direction means: some cameras are rear-facing, some are front-facing, so if the direction the camera faces is entered when it is a front-facing camera, instead of the direction of flow it detects, it will result in a data error. If in doubt, set "both".
  4. The default setting for direction should be "both", eliminating the false-negatives if the default direction setting isn't corrected.
  5. Some cameras patrol variable speed limits. There is no setting to take this into account, there should be a "variable" option rather than specific speeds or "?".


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,917 Moderator
    edited May 2020
    Hi @Focus Driver

    Thanks for using our community to reach out with the feedback.
    Surely there are some interesting inputs that our Team would like to review.

    I will forward it to them.

    Thank you, Vikram
  • Focus DriverFocus Driver Posts: 35 [Master Explorer]
    Further to my previous observations, similar occurs in Win7/Chrome.

    I also find the camera locations show up inconsistently according to zoom level - they might be there one moment, and disappear when zoomed in further.
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,917 Moderator
    Hi @Focus Driver
    Based on some of your previous inputs our team has worked on some changes which are now published to our production MapShare website.

    1. Added Speed camera as layer in Layer tab, so user can ON-Off as per requirement


    2. Added direction of speed camera where ever bearing angle is available with speed cam on map.


    Regarding the inconsistency of speed cameras locations, do you still observer these?

    Thanks, Vikram
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