Some Speed Cameras Not Showing Up - Data Error / Mapshare Improvements

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I noticed the speed cameras in my immediate locality were not being alerted, although others were, no matter how often I tried to report them. Very rarely they might pop up, and then disappear again at the next update. All TomTom support had to say was "factory reset and see if it's better in the morning" (that's my adaptation of a doctor joke!).

I've worked out what the problem is without their help, by looking at the properties of their existing locations on mapshare (web version): they are marked for the wrong direction of traffic flow... which I have reported and await consequent update.

The issue is: how many others are there, which I don't drive past on a regular basis, also incorrectly marked and therefore not being alerted? That's the problem with crowd-sourcing: there are many naive users/reporters who wouldn't realise something like the direction tag is important.

Clearly this is an example of a systematic data error, which needs to be addressed.

I will raise a separate post about Mapshare.


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    Focus Driver Registered Users Posts: 39
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    Even after the camera data was sorted out and update received, my Go 520 was behaving erratically - cameras disappearing at random or not appearing at all, and in one case reporting a camera 10 miles down the road (on the route bar) when I had just passed it!

    All those problems went away once I forced a reboot - it's now behaving perfectly.