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A Year On and Still Struggling with MyDrive

TigerRiderTigerRider Posts: 153 [Revered Navigator]
With the end to Covid-19 lock-down almost in sight I thought I would try and use MyDrive to plan a couple of routes to see my mates. BAD Idea. A year back I found MyDrive to be mostly useless and a year on it seems that the TomTom developers still haven't been out anywhere to use it and find out how PANTS it is.

I've got the Android version running on my Galaxy 16a...

I found my way to "PLAN ROUTE", it gives me "Current Location" and a slot for my destination. I want to go see my mate Nigel, not seen him for ages.. I dial his name in... The first "Nigel" is some place 5719 miles away and the next is some "Nigel" guy 7-1/2 miles away. Basically every 'kin "Nigel" on the planet except the one in the "My Places" list.

Now, had I been designing a clever navigation App I would have assumed that the places I would want to go would include all the places I'd already registered in the "My Places" list. I would also make a point I of looking in "My Places" FIRST and way before searching the rest of the planet. I might also list my matches nearest first, furthest away last. No. Not the TomTom guys.

OK. I go to "My Places", find "Nigel" and tap on him. Seconds later I'm looking at the map of my road with the GPS location thingy hovering over my place. Hmmm! At the top I see a search box, I enter "Nigel" and again get a place 5719 miles away then all the other "Nigels". WTF!

I write down Nigel's post code (from "MyPlaces") and go to "PLAN ROUTE", dial in his post code and I get a route. Mostly dual carriageway which I don't like because it puts flats on my bike tyres. I want the pretty way BUT not the the "Thrills" way (therein ly nightmares, another BAD idea from TomTom).

Attempts to steer the route by adding stops fails. Instead of simply moving the route, the original route now includes massive out-n-returns to my stops then back on the original route. Adding more stops turns the whole thing into spaghetti. I cannot seem to delete the bits of MyDrive's route, only add more spaghetti. At one point I thought I got it but on reviewing the whole route previously set routing had reverted to the original calculated route. WTF! (again).

Clearly there is a limit want can be done with a crappy little screen (my budget) and a finger but no, I get another problem. The more stops the less screen I get to work in. Its kin HOPELESS.

The only conclusion I can come to it that the lemons don't get out and actually use the kit they design. Its all office based. HOPELESS.



  • TigerRiderTigerRider Posts: 153 [Revered Navigator]
    OK. New day. Fresh eyes lets try again.

    Why not go to the first Nigel on the list. The pandemic fallout has stopped the flights maybe a good time to ride there. Only 5000+ miles. Easy. I need a route.

    Ah! No! MyDrive will only allow routes up to 599 miles😕. WTF.

    So, why does it list places 600 miles and further away? HOPELESS.
  • Rob_RRob_R Posts: 56 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Hi @TigerRider,

    I've never noticed that but then again I don't usually travel that far. What I found is the 600 mile limit seems to apply when your routing type is set to "Thrill". When set to "Fastest" it lets you do much longer. Not sure what the limit is, or even if there is one, but I was able to plan a route from the UK to Baghdad (not that I want to go there) and that was 3231 miles.

    I suspect that it's to do with the fact that choosing roads off the main routes involves a lot more data points and it's probably not that unreasonable to think that for really long journeys, most people just want to get there and not wander down the by-ways, but I do see your point.

    In my experience I can mostly do what I want with the MyDrive planner but it took me a while to get to grips with the way it seems to operate.

    Anyway thanks for pointing this out - it's one more thing I've learned about the limitations.
  • TigerRiderTigerRider Posts: 153 [Revered Navigator]
    Hi, @Rob_R, I really miss the old kit that just wasn't clever enough to much else creative than just get me there the simple way.

    As these things have got more powerful processors my problems with them have got worse and the number of signs saying "DO NOT FOLLOW SATNAV" have increased. They don't put up signs unless they have to.

    Not sure I've ever selected a "Thrills" ride, maybe another default I didn't know about. Just looked again at the "My Drive" App on my moby. No "Thrills" option or any other options in that vein.
  • Rob_RRob_R Posts: 56 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Hi @TigerRider

    Open up the app on your mobile, go into "Plan Route". To the right of the "Round Trip" button there is a car with a cog. Tap that and you get all the routing settings - car, bike, truck, etc, fastest, thrill and avoid on route.
  • TigerRiderTigerRider Posts: 153 [Revered Navigator]
    edited June 2020
    @Rob_R, Ah! got it. It must have picked up that I installed off a Rider 550.

    The kids bought me a "Grand Dad Biker" 'T' shirt so while I ride a motorcycle I don't need the thrill ride option, I've done all that and just need to get as much maybe more of my pension than I put in.

    I also don't want the fast ride 'cus it just means blatting down a dual carriage way and more often than not the "Great Circle Route".

    I REALLY DON'T like crappy little roads that are not much wider than my bike, they invariably have gravel down the middle and either a tractor or some boy racer (following his TomTom) coming the other way. And, contrary to the TomTom thinking you can rarely get anywhere near 60 mph along them, perhaps nearer 30. So they ain't faster.

    I'm not really a biker, just a guy that rides and enjoys a motorbike AND I don't do loud music or the Head Banging stuff.
  • Rob_RRob_R Posts: 56 [Supreme Trailblazer]

    If you set it to thrill and then go back to the planning page you will now, on the left hand side, see a circle with a squigly arrow and another with a mountain - use these set the degree of "thrill" In my experience the hilly one doesn't make it that much difference (at least not where I live :) ) but the middle bendy one does send you down some quite narrow lanes so set it to the least bendy. Also make sure in the settings you set it to motorcycle and use the avoidance settings where applicable (especially unpaved roads!)

    I've had some really nice rides doing this.
  • Roger_the_DodgerRoger_the_Dodger Posts: 2 [New Traveler]
    @TigerRider - I agree with you. The TomTom MyDrive software has to be the [email protected] there is. It's hopeless. I cannot believe anyone at Tom Tom have even tried to plan a route using it. It sends you down tiny tracks with grass growing in the middle, like today and it also tried to send me down a track that was inches deep in mud that was probably last used in 1942.
    Clearly their idea of thrill is different to ours.
    In MyDrive you try to drag the route it suggests to customise and as you said you end up with something resembling a spaghetti fight. Perfect description! Considering how much this device costs it is let down by MyDrive.
    Everyone associated with MyDrive should be FIRED.
    I looked at the Tom Tom Youtube channel and it is just as disappointing. I guess the reason is when they were doing the tutorials etc the presenter said "Holy S~#t! This is a steaming pile of c**p...... just do this video and ignore any questions posted to it"
  • TigerRiderTigerRider Posts: 153 [Revered Navigator]
    Guys, @Roger_the_Dodger

    Every time I use My_Drive to plan or test a route I want to chuck the bloody thing except its on my favourite old moby.

    You may have noted my rant was over a year and a bit ago and its still no better. They don't seem keen to mend it. High on my list would be an option to trap my place searches to UK AND ONLY UK and would be very happy to see this extend to anyone's else's home country.

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