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I have a GO LIve 820 with a sim slot. With no sim in error code is 10 which is correct. with an old mobile sim in error code is 107 not connected. The only answer TomTom gave is that the sim is programmed by the sim supplier?? Why would you make a unit that the customer could change the sim. Can I use a vodaphone data sim? The serial number of this unit is FU2333Y00374. If I try to buy Live services TomTom says that I can for this unit?


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    I'll be very surprised if you will succeed obtaining a SIM Card for the device....
    The NAV3 GO 820 has been out of production for years... The NAV3 devices are in Maintenance only Mode i.e... No further development...
    Even on the Live devices that were supplied with a SIM Card....
    Tomtom have stated that if there has been no Live Traffic Subscription on the Account for 18 Months.... After due notice their SIM Cards will be Deactivated....
    From a previous post....
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    In UK & (Europe?) Tomtom use a Vodafone SIM
    This end of service process is no different to any of the other Phone service providers, after 'n' Weeks (Various) of 'Zero use' they set the SIM to Sleep Mode, then after a further 'n' Weeks (Various) they disable the SIM....
    I can imagine there must have been, or still could be, thousands if not tens of thousands, of Tomtom Live devices out there, which have no Live Services Subscriptions and everyone of those systems is pointlessly logging in and out of the network every time the device is used
    To me it makes environmental sense to shut-down redundant SIM's
    Also as far as I'm aware the SIM card is automatically disconnected after 18 months without use... Tomtom sends Emails the affected users and give 28 days notice before deactivating the SIM card

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    Hi YamFazMan.
    This unit never had a sim fitted, and if I try to get Live services the TomTom site says it is possible. TomTom report that the sims were programmed by Vodafone, who defined what live services you received, BUT this can not be true because you have to go to the TomTom to specify which Live services you require.
    Also a sims are all basicly the same they transimit the IMIE number of the phone, tomtom or ipad to the network.
    TomTom keep reporting that the sims are no longer available, BUT the sims fitted in the latest units are basicly the same, eg if you have a 4G sim it will work in a 2G phone, only at 2G speeds.

    So why can TomTom not supply me with a new sim. It can only be linked to the unit by the IMIE number.
    The IMIE number is set in every phone, ipad, laptop, smart door bell etc.
    It is the software that links the unit to the sim.

    Also the fix for sims that have been put to sleep can be fixed by TomTom at address
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    My GO 825 Live is physically identical to your GO 820 Live
    Like my GO 825 Live your device would have at sometime had a sticker with the serial number printed on it, also hiding the SIM slot just like all of the other Tomtom Live Models

    I would have thought the device was well out of any Guarantee by age, never mind the Guarantee being voided by sticker being removed ???

    Tomtom FAQ... https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/live-sim/
    Our LIVE devices use an in-built SIM card that connects to our servers and provides access to all of our LIVE Services. This SIM card is automatically disconnected after 18 months without use. We’ll make sure to give you 28 days’ notice before this happens to give you the opportunity to reactivate your subscription.
    The reactivation button
    End Quote....

    The Reactivation button.... is active for the 28 day notice prior to the SIM deactivation
    As far as I'm aware once deactivated the SIM cannot be reactivated ???

    Also see earlier thread.... https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/1115526/can-i-stream-live-services-to-a-go-live-825

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    Hi YamFazMan
    The There has never been a sticker fitted to my unit.
    Also there have been a number of buyers of cars fitted with TomTom live services.
    When the cars are sold on if the previous owner did not renew the Live services it went off. Because of the threat of legal action against Renault, PSA, etc over selling manufacture warranted cars where Live services could not be reactivated TomTom have added a page "https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/live-sim/", so that you can reactivate the sim.
    Since my unit has never been used it should be able with a sim to work.