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Well I have to say I have had my new car 3 days and I am un-impressed by built in TomTom Navigator

gweepgweep Posts: 6 [New Seeker]
Issues I have:
1) My 2020 Subaru Outback seems un-available to enter as a "device" for my TomTom account. Why?
2) I can't find any way to get TomTom Subaru to talk to my iPhone. When I was using Apple Maps / CarPlay in my previous car, all I had to do was plug in my iPhone. All my recent map searches would show up as potential destinations. If there was a calendar event with a location CarPlay would offer that event as a possible destination.
3) I downloaded TomTom Go Nav for my iPhone assuming it would help me connect my iPhone to the car via CarPlay. However all it does is try to get me to subscribe to a service. I paid a lot for my new car. I am told I am paid up for map updates for many years..... WHY THE BIG DISCONNECT???
4) TomTom Go Nav for iPhone shows up in my car as a CarPlay app. And I am sure if I purchased a subscription it would be functional and displayed as an app, on a small piece of real estate on my Nav screen, just like the other apps on my phone. Disappointingly nowhere near the full size map the built-in TomTom Nav shows. I expect that it would not know I have a built-in TomTom Navigator, let alone talk to it.
5) The TomTom navigator in my Outback appears to be very detailed and easy to use. However it us useless if it does not talk to my iPhone.
6) Why go through the trouble to offer a built-in TomTom Nav in my Outback if it can't compete with the convenience that I can get from other nav apps on my iPhone?
7) The voice recognition system that the Outback TomTom uses is entirely stupid. After giving up on getting it to find the address I wanted to go to (it always returned results half a country away). I tried to get it to take me to my local Home Depot. Once again it suggested a useless result. I did manage to convince it I wanted a local result. Painful success, Holy Cow. It knows where gas stations and points of interest are. It can't find a simple street address or Home Depot? (Perhaps the voice recognition issue is on Subaru.... But? ? ? ?)
8) Disappointed.
9) A very promising built-in app for my Outback. Let me know when you fix it.... Soon please!


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,972
    Hi @gweep

    Did you Supplier not explain how to use the navigation unit.

  • gweepgweep Posts: 6 [New Seeker]
    I have found that "Suppliers" in this case the Car Dealership tend to not be "Superusers". Hence they can only answer easy questions.

    Yes I can read a manual. No it did not discuss interactions with smart phones.
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    Hi @gweep

    Not absolutely certain what you are trying to do so here are a few comments. Please bear in mind I do not have a Subaru.

    Firstly here is a Tomtom page re Tomtom Subaru which I see suggests there are 3 years Over Air map updates which is the first time I have seen that mentioned anywhere on any system. Usually with Tomtom in car nav systems the units have some method of updating which means removing a SD card or using a USB stick which you put in the PC and use Tomtom software to update the maps.


    I have seen these 5 videos which may be helpful re using the Inbuilt TT Nav System


    If you are referring to the ability to use the Tomtom GO Navigation App in CarPlay then here is a video that you may find useful.

    You will note that the first thing that is mentioned is the use of a Genuine Apple Cable. I have CarPlay in my Golf and the dealer gave me a cable when I purchased the vehicle. It is quite short at about 6" and plugs into a USB socket. I did manage to pick up a spare on EBay quite reasonably. You have to go into the Apple Phone Settings and select General/CarPlay and then Add your Subaru to the CarPlay facility. Once you have done that you will also see an Option to Customise which if selected enables you to decide what Apps and in which order they appear on the cars screen.

    Once you have Linked the car when you open CarPlay you will be able to select the TT app, be aware you may have to ensure the phone is active by finger recognition etc . Firstly you will note that the route bar you see on the Phone when using the App is not displayed this is because Apple specify templates that CarPlay must work too and the route bar facility is not included in the permitted options. Tomtom are working on how to get the data you see in the route bar displayed in CarPlay.

    Now you will be able to select from your My Places list but at the moment My Routes are not synced to the iPhone App and until Tomtom have resolved compatibility between the My Drive Maps and the new Format of map in the App that will not happen. Tomtom have said they are working on that and it will also depend on Apple allowing the ability to Sync routes from My Drive to the Phone App. Todate that facility has never been available although it has been available on the older Android App.

    Hope the above is useful.

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    edited May 2020
    Actually no, not the information I am looking for.

    Here is what I can do without TomTom;
    1) I can search for several destinations on my iPhone (Apple Maps) in my living room and then get in my car and connect my iPhone. CarPlay/Apple Maps will add my most recent map searches to my destination list in the vehicle. Very convenient!
    2) I can get in my car to go to an appointment. Apple Maps has access to my Calendar and can see I have an upcoming appointment with an attached address and then adds that appointment to my destination list in the vehicle. Very convenient!

    I was hoping that TomTom Go/iPhone would provide the same functionality. In order for it to do this, it would need to remember any searches I did in my living room and it would need access to my calendar. All of which is entirely possible.

    Ultimately TomTom Go/iPhone would need to communicate with TomTom/Subaru to make these features fully functional within in TomTom/Subaru. To clarify, TomTom Go/iPhone/CarPlay is not a substitute for TomTom/Subaru.

    I need to know if this can be done. If so, how? If not, when? or why not?

    I am not interested in adding a subscription to my TomTom Go/iPhone app if it only duplicates the service that TomTom/Subaru already provides. Unless TomTom/Subaru communicates with TomTom/iPhone there is no added value to a TomTom/iPhone subscription.

    My use of TomTom/Subaru/Standalone, shows me that TomTom is a well thought out navigation application. It is easy to use (except for my complaints about the voice recognition) and full featured. The major missing icing on the cake is connecting me with my smart devices and adding features that others are providing.

    A well designed built-in TomTom/Subaru would have all of these features integrated into an amazing and convenient navigation system.
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    Well I added a reply about the features I am searching for.... I saved it, went back to edit it and it disappeared! TomTom must use the same discussion board software that 1Password does. I have had this problem before.

    If it is not restored in a little while, I will try again.
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    Hi @gweep

    I did see your reply. Really Odd.

    With the IOS GO Nav App you can see lists of your My Places and Recent destinations.

    With My Places ( Favourites) if you have created then on a PND, in your My Drive account or In the App and synced the data then they will appear on your PND and on the App and be displayed on the PND and Phone screen. In the App when in CarPlay you can use the menu option to select My Places and see the list and tap the one you want and it creates a route to it. At the moment you cannot Search the list you have to scroll through it.

    Recent destinations. When theses are saved these in the App you can select Recent Destinations in CarPlay menu and chose the one you want. Again no search yet just a list.

    I doubt that you can sync or send this data to the Subaru's nav system.from the App or the My Drive ex PC or the Phone App version.

    Hope I remember your comment correctly.

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