No Maps Found after updating

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After updating my device START 62 Europe no found maps on the device or MyDrive Connect. I reset but there was no difference.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @ChrisVoin

    Have a look at the following Video.

    The current Europe maps are getting so big that you need an extra memory card. If you have not got one then I suggest a 16gb or Maximum 32GB micro SD Class 10 memory card made by Sandisk, Samsung or one of the major makes. Some of the lesser makes have been known to have problems. You will need to format it in the device for maps.

    If @VikramK sees this post he may add a small map to your account which is a good idea as it means that when loaded on your unit if during an update you lose the map then the small map is there to enable you to start the unit normally and help sort the problem out.

    Have a look back here on Monday to see if he has responded.

  • VikramK
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    Hi @ChrisVoin

    Welcome to the community!
    A map has been activated for your device. If you check for updates a fresh map should be offered for download.

    Thanks, Vikram