Renault Carminat saying "problem with map" following update required please

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Hi support community
i have just updated my maps on my renault Carminat tom tom, i transferred the sd card from my pc to car and started car, all tramsferring of files and data seemed to happen fine then at the end my screen just displayed "Problem with map - you cannot use this map on this device UK & ROI" i am now satnavless and dont know what to do?
any tips would be apprieciated
thanks in advance

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  • DougLap
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    Hi @jayB

    Hopefully @VikramK can activate your map tomorrow. Look back here then.

  • jayB
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    Thanks for your reply Doug, that would be great if @Vikramk could help

    apologies also to the community, I have just noticed a typo in my question it is a Renault Carminat TomTom
  • jayB
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    Thankyou @VikramK for your response, all is now good, really appreciate your support on this
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    Unable to download the update. An after-sales service of a crass nullity. No phone possible since July 22. It's despicable, no answer worthy of the name. Don't be fooled with Update ads, which you pay for but don't get from TomTom Home
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    hello everyone

    I have a Renault built in Tom Tom, R-link. I've had the car for over 3 years now from brand new. I have the SD xard version. I have done updates via my PC before & more or less fine though I did have problems before where I had to reinstall my SD card into my pc to then manage & synchronise it. This last time I managed to download & install updates on SD card & then install the updates into my R-Link system but after it said 'finished ' there were no maps found. I then contacted Renault Technical team which at first they were trying to be helpful. After 11 days I still do not have a Sat nav. I went back to my pc ( after uninstalling & reinstalling the R- Link toolbox) I realised I needed to do it manage & synchronise bit but I cannot do that because every time I click on the link for 'R-link store' from my toolbox (without the SD card in pc, im getting a message come up saying '403 error ' . There is a long message under the main error message saying all different things. Can anyone help as to how I get to my R-Link store to continue my SD card update please??