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i've downloaded the file from tomtom help, i get to stage six, which says, click on my device, and paste on the ribbon, and states paste to root, not any of the files, i'm not sure what this means, i have tried several times, but but it wont work, i can enter the code, but it doesn't show the done at the bottom, which when pressed should show destination map, any help will be much appreciated, regards, john. (ps, im on windows 10 !)


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    Welcome to the site....
    You Profile says Rider 400
    Are you using the Quick Search (Default & the best) Search engine ???
    Or the Step by Step Search engine ???
    Check... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> System --> Choose a Search Mode ???

    On a Tomtom device you do not use a space in the middle of a Postcode

    When using the Step by Step Search engine... There is a long standing problem for Postcode searches....
    The Postcode code search bug when using Step by Step is a real pain
    Any search for a Postcode... You have to enter a road/street name to execute a search ??? Why....
    If you know the road/street name and a house number you don't need the Postcode
    Most people use a Postcode because they don't know the road/street name and house number
    Isolated farms, Single building, Office blocks, Retail parks, Hospitals, New builds etc...
    For me it renders the latest the Step by Step Search engine useless for postcodes in the UK

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi YamFazMan, thanks for your comments, i've owned this for about six years, it used to accept postcodes, i don't use it much, i'm not very good with electronics, and i'm sorry, i don't know what you mean about the different search engines, would you mind explaining in simple terms that i might understand ! much appreciated, regards, john.