Resetting Go 5200 Wifi

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After successfully resetting my Go 5200 wifi, the device keeps on showing the spinning wheel (for a couple of hours) while connected to my (up to date) MyDrive connect. The reset guide tells me not to disconnect the device from the computer as long as the tomtom doesn't restart. But it doesn't restart :) Help?? Thanks in advance :) !


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    Have you inserted a Memory Card in the Satnav? Somtimes that can cause problems.
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    If you are using WiFi then MyDrive Connect serves no purpose and can be closed. But if your WiFi is a problem, you can connect your 5200 to your computer with a USB cable and then start MyDrive Connect and the internet connection will be shared from your computer instead of the 5200 using your WiFi. (Be sure your 5200 is not in the cradle when connected to your computer.)