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TomTom EV ?

MonsieurPoirotMonsieurPoirot Posts: 52 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
There is a TomTom Truck, there is a TomTom Camper, why is there no TomTom EV ?

Is it possible for TomTom to consider making a navigation unit with the functionality
of the 'aBetterRoutePlanner' app, but with the convenience of having a portable
stand-alone sat-nav unit and the power of TomTom data?



  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 10,904 Moderator
    Hi @MonsieurPoirot

    I will forward this as feedback to our team. Could you please mention what additional features would you like to over a standard PND if such a product is developed?

    Thanks, Vikram
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