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Speed camera notification

WibblyWibbly Posts: 41 [Master Traveler]
It would be great if there was an ongoing Status Bar notification containing all the information in the AmiGO popup that appears on the bottom of the screen when approaching a speed camera or other other hazard.

Such a notification could be seen by apps like Tasker, Automagic etc., and user defined action taken as a result (such as highly customised announcements, turning down the volume on the music player to aid concentration, or virtually anything else...)

Can this be treated as a user/enhancement request please?


  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,254 Moderator
    Hi @Wibbly

    Thanks for the feature request, I'll forward this to my team!

    Best, lampard
  • WibblyWibbly Posts: 41 [Master Traveler]
    edited May 14

    Did this ever get prioritised?

    As an alternative, is there an Android intent I could hook into when approaching a speed camera or other hazard?
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