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Maps for Dynavin N7

Is it possible to install Tom-Tom maps to work on Windows.ME car navigation system?
In other words on an Dynavin N7 system.
It seems impossible to find maps for this operating system.
Or am I just not looking at the right places for these Maps.
Please advice me.....
I need the most recent South African maps.
Kind Regards.
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  • rider1riderrider1rider Posts: 1,134 [Exalted Pioneer]
    sorry no. they have mobile apps that work on android and ios systems
  • Thunderbird008Thunderbird008 Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    Any other maps that might work?
    n7_owner_manual states "Navigation
    To use the Navigation there must be inserted the SD-Card with the software on it to the Navi-Slot on the front of the navigation system.
    It can be used almost any Windows-based navigation on it. Normally Dynavin will reinstall the IGOPrimo Navigation software and all settings are done already.
    If you want to use your own software now or the enclosed from Dynavin SW can not be run, check first of the following settings.
    Navigation software path
    Go in the main menu to the button label-ed Navi Path.
    Now click on the icon for the folder. This takes you to the directory structure of the navigation map which is inserted into the SD card slot.
    Once there, go now the executive. EXE file is needed from the to start.
    Depending on the software, this can also be located in a sub-folder. Touch this file with your finger.:
    Kind Regards
    Ps. Looks like I now own a brick instead of a Radio Navigation unit.....LOL
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