Map share speed limit changes.

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Currently use in Australia unit sold and packaged as GO620WiFi ,S/No. comm. ZE. Tomtom still has this listed on my account under the same serial number but now lists it as a GO Supreme . I don't know if there is any connection , but for months now I have been having massive problems with the device crashing out and the support forum accusing me of not having an account or telling me to get off the forum because I am using some other persons user name and password even though it is the same user name and password I have had for years with this and my 2 previous units . I now have the situation where My Drive Connect does everything but connect .A few months ago I tried to do a map share speed limit change but when I requested this action I could not recognise the map that was then displayed until I scrolled across to the coastline and found the system was asking me to do a Queensland / Australia map change on a map of India . Now when I try and do the map changes ,I either can't get the Australian map to display on My Drive Connect or if it does ,when I request the map change either by using the "click box" at the bottom of the map or the printed directive at the bottom of the page , I just get a small icon in a search box at the top of the computer screen spinning around a couple of times and then leaving me with a blank white screen . Also when I try to use My Drive Connect in other instances , I always make sure I am on the Australian page but it is nothing unusual to have a box pop up on the screen and tell me I am from Australia and they can't help me because I have somehow been shifted to an English / European or American site .
Hoping somebody can get this dam mess sorted out once and for all

Charles Deshon
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