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I bought TomTom START 52 navigation. After connecting to the computer, I could see a lifetime map of Europe. An update has been carried out which has reached 100%. This was the first update. When the navigation starts, a red message pops up NO NO MAP Available (Reinstall your map or go to TomTom and buy a new one). MyDrive Connect doesn't have any visible maps to install and the message says that the device has been updated. I specifically bought navigation for the trip and stayed with the new navigation that did not work. I think you need support and re-activation of the map download option.


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    Hi @michałkanarek

    There are 2 versions of the Start 52 having either 8gb or 16gb of internal memory. If it is an 8gb unit then the current European Map will not fit as it is over 9gb. so you will need a Micro SD Class 10 memory card either 16gb or maximum 32gb. If you get a new card then I recommend a Sandisk, Samsung or similar major make as some of the lesser known ones have been known to be a problem in TT units.

    Hopefully @VikramK or @lampard will pick this up on Monday and add a small map to your account. Download this map to your device where it will be loaded on the internal memory. Do not remove the map as its presence will ensure in future if you have a problem during an update and lose your main map that you can start the device normally.

    When the mods respond they will also advise you what to do to get your Europe map back once you are up and running again.

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    Hi @DougLap.
    Thank you for resolving my problem quickly.
    I bought a new 16 GB SD card. Approx. I look forward to monday

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    Hi @michałkanarek

    Welcome to the community!
    I have asked the team to fix some subscriptions on the account. Could you do a soft reset and check for updates, please?

    ~ Vikram
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    Hi @VikramK

    Thank you very much. Install map its easy :)