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all s videos are in english, can you change to portuguese?

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How can I change the instructional videos to Portuguese?

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    Hi all


    Only to complete @VikramK message.

    The videos mostly have a language spoken in English. Some are in German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian. The most recent are only in English.

    But you can activate the automatic translation of the English subtitles in the language of your choice. The list of possible languages ​​is very long. The automatic result is not always perfect but allows a better understanding of the explanations.

    1 / Activate the "Subtitles", click on the symbol, a red line appears.

    2 / Click on the "Settings cogwheel" symbol next to the subtitles symbol.
    Choose "Subtitles/CC" then "Auto-translate" then in the list the "desired language".

    The result:

    The list of video supports:
    On the forum:

    On Youtube:

    You copy/paste these links in a tool like "Translate Google" to have the descriptive text of the page in your language.

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    Thanks @Laure123 for that detailed explanation :)
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