why is tomtom such a pile of crap??

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my nice shiny new tomtom has voice command files missing, no one at tom tom is there as they have closed their offices, support doesnt offer ANY, and i have just discovered that the font on the screen is so small i cant read it on the bike. I wish I had never even heard of tomtom and just bought the Garmin instead.

Does ANYONE who reads these postings have the power to actually CALL ME on my registered number in my profile...Getting well peed off and wish I'd never heard of Tomtom.

Somebody please help, or at least arrange a refund if there is no ability to fix my unit and make it work properly on voice commands at the very least.


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    Hi @mark2jag

    It would have been helpful if you had answered the questions I asked in my post to your original posting rather that as you have you done here by rising another question.

    There is no Phone based customer Support at the moment because of the worldwide situation and also today is a national holiday in may countries.. If you answer my questions and any other we may rise then we can probably use the services of the Tomtom Mods who keep an eye on this forum to resolve your issue .

    The Mods are not available today as it is a national holiday but will be back on the forum on Monday or Tuesday so providing the information requested will enable them to sort out any settings issues at Tomtom's servers , if necessary, or advise what you can do to sort out your problem.

    Please answer my posting against your original question.

    There are currently Chat and email options for customer support but waiting for the mods on here is likely to be a quicker result.