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RIDER 550 TomTom where is voice control?????

mark2jagmark2jag Posts: 6 [New Seeker]
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My Brand new Tomtom Rider550 Premium has missing voice control. There is no icon on the screen.

There is a very small telephone icon on the bottom right of the screen but clicking on it brings up a prompt saying wait for the tone or beep but nothing else ever happens. I need it working as i use it on my bike, and now sort of wishing i had just bought the garmin instead. I bet they dont ring up for help and get told there is no online or offline help!!!!!!!


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 4,768 [Elite Voyager]
    Hi @mark2jag

    Have you selected a computerised voice such as Serena and have you activated Voice control in Settings. Voice control does not work with recorded voices.

  • mark2jagmark2jag Posts: 6 [New Seeker]
    Hi Doug/ I'm sure you understand its bloody frustrating when you dont know an answer to something and cant get any help.

    I did make sure serena the computer voice is selected, but there is no voice control menu where it should be. there is a small telephone icon at the bottom right of the screen but when i click on it i get a prompt to speak after the tone and i NEVER get a tone at all. Its really annoying when i get an email from tomtom saying that voice control on the tom tom rider 550 is not an option as there are a few people on here who also cant get it working, if its a feature thats not supported then the question would have to be why there is a youtube video showing a tomtom rider 550 using or showing how to use voice commands..

    I'm also told by someone at tomtom via email that it doesnt work, but someone else also from tomtom emailed me and told me it does not work as there is a small amount of code missing to activate it. Who is telling the truth and who is mistaken.

    If you actually cant use the unit via voice control then it really is no good for me and please arrange for a refund please as someone will no doubt have access to my account and purchase history who will eventually read this.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 16,771 [Elite Vanguard]
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    Acrding to the Tomtom Web Shop....
    Here... https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/sat-nav/motorcycle-sat-nav/
    Check the specs....


    TomTom Rider 500/550... User Guide....
    See... http://download.tomtom.com/open/manuals/Rider_Wi-Fi/index.htm

    I must admit, I have never given Voice Control on a Motorcycle a second thought, I always thought it would be about as useful as an ashtray on a Motorcycle ;)

  • mark2jagmark2jag Posts: 6 [New Seeker]
    Right then. The saga continues. This is what I have cut and paste from the advert for a tomtom rider 550 Premium..

    Use Siri or Google Now™ to unlock the full use of your smartphone via voice while you ride, meaning it can read out and reply to messages, make calls, play music and more. While not on a call, the headset lets you hear directions to navigate while keeping your eyes on the road.

    I'm also reading the manual that came with my 550 and it says the same.

    So, therefore, Automatic Speech Recognition being a no would have to be wrong, and Speak and Go being another NO would have to also be WRONG otherwise why would both the manual and the website shop agree with me.

    I just want it to work, thats all.

    You pays your money and you takes your choice, and my choice was to buy something that I wanted and for it not to work as promised/described /advertised. Isn't that false advertising anyone.?

    I don't wanna be stuck in here arguing the toss I just want the damn thing fixed or for TOMTOM to realise they Screwed up on either the product or the manual and give me my money back.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 16,771 [Elite Vanguard]
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    The 'Automatic speech recognition' and the 'Speak & Go' mentioned in my Post, are the features of the Built in Voice control used on the Mid to Top end Car devices
    They have a Microphone notch in the bezel... Like the GO 5000 image

    You Say "Hello Tomtom" to initiate Voice Control....

    On My Rider 400 I had Driving instructions and Phone calls over the Headset + Music played from my Phone and Live Traffic on the device....

    Whether its the limitations of my iPhone 5s ???
    On the iPhone5s I have to Press & Hold the Home button to initiate Siri....
    On my Rider 550... I only receive Driving instructions and Phone calls over the Headset and Live Traffic on the device....

    Connecting a Headset... Page 21
    TomTom Rider 500/550... User Guide....
    See... http://download.tomtom.com/open/manuals/Rider_Wi-Fi/index.htm

  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 4,768 [Elite Voyager]
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    Hi @mark2jag

    So your original post was incorrect. The Car and Truck units have a Voice Control facility in the software which uses a Computerised Voice and recognised specific phrases and responds to those and is Tomtom designed option..

    The facility you are talking about requires you to have your phone associated with the unit and be connected whilst using the Rider and depending on phone the Operating system use Siri or Google Now to then carry out the services mentioned which different to the Voice Control faculties.

    Does the manual provide any information of how to get Siri etc working and also are any of the videos on the following of any assistance.


    It is possible someone on this forum can give you some guidance on how to set the system up but they will need to know which phone and operating version you have on it.

    Also I don't know if this answers any of your concerns.


  • mark2jagmark2jag Posts: 6 [New Seeker]
    Hello Doug. Thank you for the reply.
    My connected bluetooth device is samsung galaxy Note 9. Any help would be appreciated....I already have My Drive app on my phone.

    Thank you one and all for your help...
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 4,768 [Elite Voyager]
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    Hi @mark2jag

    Okay. You need someone like @RoadRider to try and sort you out. Lets see if he comes on here. What headphone units are you using.


    ps I don't have a Rider unit as I lost a dear friend when in my teens and have had no desire to own a Bike since and it is certainly too late to start now..
  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 455 [Supreme Pioneer]
    As far as I know for the Telephone Icon to work correctly you need the following;
    • Connection with your Phone with the MyDrive App active using the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol.
    • A Phone capable of Google Now or Siri (iPhone)
    • A (supported) 2 channel headset connected to the Rider and your Phone. (see manual headset for pairing instructions)
    • Hands-free calls and Smartphone messages enabled in your Phone pairing settings on your Rider
    • WiFi out of range or disabled (Wifi takes precedence over Bluetooth)

    So if you are using the older Bluetooth Tethering protocol or WiFi Hotspot the MyDrive App is not used and the Icon wil not be visible.

    On my headset the Telephone Icon does exactly the same as pushing the Phone button on the headset. So you can try this button first to see if the headset is connected properly with your Phone.

    If this still doesn't enable you to solve this issue it is best practice to remove all Bluetooth settings on all devices. For the headset preform a update and factory reset. The Rider a Drum Reset an your Phone a clear the hidden Cache procedure.

    Then start pairing everything in the correct order.

    (Can you tell us the type of Phone an headset you are using)
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