Australian Support strap request page error

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The Australian Support "request a replacement strap ..." web page freezes after pressing SUBMIT, with the message "*Address is mandatory, please go to your account details to update".

This is depsite it showing my correct address. I re-saved the address several times in Account Profile but no go!
Austrlia support I can't get in touch with by email, it just bounces me to UK support.
If I start with UK Support it takes me back to Australian Support "request a replacement strap ..." web page

Help please


  • tfarabaugh
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    I do not think they are providing replacement straps any longer, which may be the issue.
  • Niall
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    Here are the customer services contact details:-

    Monday - Friday: 09.00 AM - 05.30 PM AEDT
    Saturday - Sunday: Closed