Broken strap... again

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I bought my 3rd replacement strap on 20 September 2019 directly from TomTom and was told it had a full warranty. It had broken by January 2020 so I got a new one ent to me. It has now broken again. It seems that 3 months is about how long these very poorly made straps last. I am trying to get a new one sent to me under the warranty but keep going round in circles and being directed to the support website which tells me that as my watch is out of warranty I cannot get a new strap. PLEASE help me where I can direct my complaint.


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    The watch is out of warranty and the straps have a very limited (if any at all) warranty on their own. I am not sure why you are breaking yours so often I have had my watch for years with the same strap. At this point TT Sports has been out of business for over 2.5 years so the only inventory is what is floating around the Internet. Try eBay or the like but you are not going to get anywhere with TT. You can complain all you want but they are already out of business.
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    Got one for 7 bucks on ebay with a normal watch latch - much better. Problem is now the battery wont charge. I like the Tom Tom style and one button system but these watches were never supported by the company after sale. so many known issues.
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    I just ordered my 3rd strap for my Spark 3 watch. These straps have not held up well for me.
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    To bad they don’t have any NOS or have someone take over the parts supply piece of the business.
    Like someone that already makes quality bands.
    Some of the bands on Amazon and eBay are garbage...
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    Same here, but I cannot find a way to contact TomTom directly. Does anyone have an email address from the support department?
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    I've also been unable to get any response from them recently. They offered me a replacement for €10 but haven't responded to my 3 replies to that offere since then.
    Now their website doesn't offer any new support tickets and clicking the 'reply to this post here' link in the email takes me to the main support page only.
    Anyone able to communicate with TomTom at the moment or have they shut down all Customer Support channels?