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Hello, I ran this morning and set my training goal on my TomTom runner 3 to 30 minutes. I want to know how far I ran in 30 minutes. After 30 mins te watch beeped and said it was at 100%. Fine, but I continued to run since my run wasn't finished. Now when I look at the result I see my _complete_ run, whereas I am interested in the 30 minutes run. I can I see the splits but nowhere it indicates on the map or elesewhre on where I was after 30 minutes and and far did I run up to then...


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    It does not record that, as all you did was set it to alert you when you hit 30 minutes essentially. When you continued running without creating a lap or stopping it continued to record. It is just the way they designed it and it will not change since TT Sports went out of business 2.5 years ago.