The spoken instructies is activisten en the volume is up, but there is no spoken instruction.

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    Hi @Flootje1

    When you start the App and have ensured all your volume settings on phone and in the App are on Full create a route and when you are ready to to move off press the phones Volume Up button. This is in addition to the fact you had it set as full volume already. This may well resolve the issue for the future

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    I have the same issue after the last update, the same with one of the former updates. The sound through my Parrot Minikit Neo 2 HD is still very very low. The volume of the minikit is good, because I can normally make a phonecall. As mentioned I had this issue also a time ago with one of the former updates, but I do not know anymore how I fixed it.
    Besides, what is the reason for this issue? Why does it occur after an update of the app?