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I have purchased the speed camera update on 15th April 2020 but when I check my content on my Start 20 in the speed camera section I have the following message greyed out for the UK. "This item cannot be used or updated until the corresponding map is installed on your device." It does show every country from Austria through to the Ukraine but no United Kingdom. I have done the suggested soft reboot on multiple occasions but this has no effect at all. I only want the speed camera updates for the United Kingdom as I don't drive abroad.
Are they not compatible with my device and if so why make them available at all. It seems like a con otherwise?
This is in the United Kingdom map section and it is greyed out but says "map installed". I have added the screenshot to help with my dilemma.
Please help or advise.


  • rider1rider
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    they don't offer subscription which are country specific. from the image it surely looks like you have a world subscription.
  • Mar10
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    Thanks rider but I managed to sort it. What I did was uninstalled the United Kingdom speed cameras, which in turn lead to updates appearing as normal, I then opened the speed camera subscription and just installed the United Kingdom update which did so successfully, thanks for the reply anyway. Hope this helps others with the same issue. YNWA