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Downloading a large download for a Via1515...everything went OK downloading to computer...then my device showed "downloading do not disconnect device"..which is normal....then a window pops up in my computer telling me my device is not connected disconnect and reconnect to USB port..
yet device showed it was still I ignored the window telling me to disconnect and waited...yep my device showed download complete.. you can safely disconnect device....question.. what was that all about...I could have disconnected while it was downloading...GLITCH???


  • rider1riderrider1rider Posts: 609 [Revered Pioneer]
    can be a result of different factors. loose usb connection slot, dodgy cable wire, anti virus and firewalls etc.
  • tollcrosstollcross Posts: 24 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    thanks rider1rider...been downloading for years ..but this is first time saw this window about device not connected....yet my device was downloading you say it could have sensed a something not 100% but wasn't enough to stop the download but enoug to trigger a warning
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