Music and Voice Instructions Corrupted

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I recently returned to using my Runner 2 smartwatch regularly, but somehow, the voice commands and songs on it are garbled. As well, when I try to add new songs, some of them become garbled too. I've checked the original files and the headset, and both of them work just fine. Should I try a factory reset of the watch in order to reload all of the files?


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    A factory reset will not clear the music files. You will need to do the factory reset and also clear the music partition. You will also need to repair the app to the phone and the watch to the headset.

    You should reset the connection following these steps. You first need to remove the watch from the phone's BT menu (in iOS you have it forget the device) after you reset or try pairing again and remove the TomTom_MySports folder from the internal storage of the watch (plug it into a computer and you will see it as a hard drive and can delete it there). The steps are: uninstall the app, remove or forget the watch from the phone's BT menu, factory reset the watch, reinstall the app, select Pair New on the app, select Pair New on watch (press down from the clock and select Phone>Pair New, not Sync) and follow the prompts on the phone. You should not be pairing the watch first through the phone's BT menu; it is all done through the app and you must have the phone forget the watch in the BT menu before re-pairing.

    To clear the music partition you need to exit out of Sports Connect (right click on the tray icon and select exit), navigate to the watch in a file explorer window (it mounts as a hard drive) and delete everything in the Music folder. Then restart Sports Connect and it will rescan and show it as free memory. Until Sports Connect is restarted it will not recognize the space as being free.